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Our very first My Legacy Award recipient, Breanna, is a 2014 graduate of Tascosa High School and a 2019 graduate of Texas A&M University. She has a dog that is her best little buddy. Breanna currently is working as a substitute for AISD. She is continuing her education in order to become a teacher so that she can inspire others to leave their own legacy on the world.


A four year scholarship worth a grand total of $4000 given annually to an eligible and deserving Tascosa High School senior. 


Avani is a 2017 Graduate of Tascosa High School. She began her collegiate career at Emory in the Fall of 2017 and will graduate in the Spring of 2021. She will be an incoming analyst at Insight Sourcing Group, a management consulting firm. She hopes to continue learning about the intersection of business and medicine with the intent of making healthcare more accessible for underserved populations. In her free time, she enjoys trying new recipes, watching political dramas, and spending time with her loved ones.


Is a 2015 Graduate of Tascosa High School. She is currently working full time at Baptist St. Anthony's Labor and Delivery Unit. She will be continuing her education as a Radiation Technician this upcoming semester. 

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