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Simple Acts = Redeemed Futures

Think about a small act, an encouraging word, a simple no, an tidbit of advice, in and of themselves…not much but to me they are a saved life and a future redeemed.

My grandad finished high school and went on to get his pharmacy degree and become one of the founders of a Hidden Falls Camp, because a White Castle Hamburger man refused to give him a job and advised him to finish high school.

One of my dearest family members was the first in his family to dare to go to college and earn his CPA, because a CPA in his hometown was willing to let him buy a truck well below fair market value, enabling him to get to work, earn a paycheck and pay form college. He also met Jesus, because his uncle randomly called one summer and offered to send him to church camp.

Neither of these individuals did a big thing, neither made a great sacrifice, but God used both of them to change the course of my legacy and my children’s legacy.

That is why at Speiro Legacies we seek to cultivate relationships with moms and dads, kids, teens who want out of poverty. who want something different, who dream of new legacy, because we believe God uses one person in the right place, at the right time to alter a another’s legacy.

More importantly, we also strive to form partnerships with local churches, like First Pres, in order to connect God’s people to lives in who have a dream, so that you, the Church, can be the one who changes the trajectory of a legacy.

Speiro Legacies is blessed to partner with First Pres within the San Jacinto community in many ways, two of which are our SOS committee and our Future Leaders Lunch Club,

Our SOS Committee, is a group of parents and church members who meet and “Serve our School” by making teacher appreciation treats, handing out cokes at the Back-to-school tailgate or decorating for the 5th grade graduation. Not big things; no great sacrifices, Just opportunities for small acts, tidbits of advice and encouraging words for parents who want something better for their kids.

Our FLLC connects caring church members with the students who are consistently doing the right thing amidst enormous pressure to follow the crowd into disrespect, drugs and dropout. We simply meet at lunch once a month, eat pizza and play games. Not a big thing, no great sacrifices, just small acts, simple no’s, and encouraging words. for kids trying to be different.

Simple acts that touch today…that God can use to transform tomorrows.


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